This product Beating Cheating claims that you can find out the truth about your cheating husband in 48 hours. Now that is a statement that makes most people skeptical.  Here's the thing, most people don't use the product in the first 48 hours, so how do they expect it to work?  If you do what it says, and you track your husband for 48 hours, he is going to drop some signs somewhere.  Believe me, 48 hours is plenty of time for your cheating husband to contact the other woman, or access the dating sites he is registered at.  He probably does this regularly and on a daily basis

Beating Cheating If you have a gut feeling that your husband is cheating, then you probably are right, so find don't you just take the next step already and confirm it.

Beating Cheating will help you get all those negative thoughts out of your head.  You will have no more doubt, worry, jealousy, rage or depression.  You will no longer have to worry where your partner is or what he is doing.  One of the worst things people worry about is the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.  You will have a lot more for worry about if you get one of these. Take my advice and spend a few bucks to end the cheating, before you contract an unwanted STD.

Beating Cheating suggests that if you don't stop the affair you are living in blissful ignorance, which is so true.  Stop being in denial that your over reacting cause you probably aren't.  The world is full of cheaters, it's much worse than before because having the internet gives people extremely easy access to meeting new lovers and cheating.

Beating Cheating can teach you:

1. How to control your temper and not over react in front of him which is very important.

2. How to maintain your sanity while digging up the dirt on him, don't jump down his throat to soon.

3. The top 5 tell tale signs of a cheater, these are easy to spot.

4. How to avoid making the biggest mistakes most jealous spouses make, I have done some of these and I know see why I was wrong.

5. How to get out of victim mode and take control.

6. You can learn how to protect yourself legally while investigating your spouse because you don't want to get yourself in trouble.

7. You get a guide detailing the top 12 things you should look for, and you should not ignore this.

8. This book is not about doing anything illegal to catch your spouse, it's about helping you find out the truth without putting gadgets on your computer.

9. Learn to track his non computer related activities, not all men are in chat room or dating sites.

10. You will get to the truth.

If you like reading, then this may be right for you.  Information is always useful and that's the main focus with this product.

Sure you can learn a lot, and it is worth the money, but I am more of the hand on person who wanted proof in the form of screen shots, and message logs.  Therefor this wasn't really what I had in mind for my situation, but I have no doubt that the information is true and accurate and the advice can help you.

Beating Cheating also came with a free bonus book called "Stop Your Divorce And Save Your Marriage", which I didn't think was totally relevant to my situation, cause I knew I wasn't going to be able to trust my cheating man, and I wanted to move on.

I suppose if you really love your man and believe him and been with him a long time, and trust that he will change or this was his first mistake, you may find this book of use to save the relationship.  This free bonus just wasn't of any use to me.  My man and I weren't married but were together for 10 years, we had no children, so there was no reason to work at rebuilding something that was already broken.  However, not everyone is like me.

I may not have found this to be my favorite product, but I still think it is loaded with excellent information and helpful advice, and yes I think it is still worth the money, because I gave it to one of my girlfriend to read and she thought it was the absolute best thing she had ever seen, her husband wasn't cheating, but she used the books information to confirm he was not.  Good news for her.