things cheaters say

50 Things Cheaters Say

things cheaters say

It just happened

I was drunk

you were neglecting me

I missed you

I was tricked

She took advantage of me

There was nothing I could do to stop her

It only happened once

She didn't mean anything to me

Who you gonna believe, me or her?

Honest, your the only one for me

I was thinking of you the whole time

I was just learning some new moves to please you

Why would i need someone else when I have a beautiful sexy girl like you?

Don't you trust me

I know it happened before, but I've changed

I'll never do it again

I promise this was the last time

It wasn't me

It's not what it looks like

things cheaters say

She used mind control

My buddies tricked me

I was drugged

I don't remember doing that

I've never seen her before in my life

Stop reading into things

It's all in your head

It's no big deal, she meant nothing

I came home to you didn't I?

I didn't send that message, hackers must have got into my email

I didn't call that number, someone must have used my phone when i wasn't looking

I don't know who left that voice mail or how she knows my name, must be a coincidence

That's not a hickey, I had an accident with the vacuum trying to clean the house for you baby

I don't love her, I love you

She means nothing to me

I didn't know what I was doing

We were just watching a movie and fell asleep, and when I woke up she was on top of me

It's not my fault, you weren't here

A man has needs

Why are you asking so many questions?

catch them cheaters

Does it matter where I was?

I don't remember what time I was there?

I can't remember where I went after work the other night

God has forgiven me, why can't you?

Life is to short to waste

A man has urges

It's not you, it's me

I am not responsible for my actions

Nobody told me it was wrong

I didn't think it would bother you

Statistics show that between 50 - 70% of men cheat, and 45 - 65% of woman cheat, and 99% of cheaters lie. So where does that leave you?  Are you one of the 30% that is being walked all over like a door mat?  Are you in the 1% whose partner tells them about the affair, but you just let it slide?

Do you feel like you can't trust him anymore?  At one time... I was one of those people.  I know how you feel and I know what you are going through.  Check out the rest of this website, and get some help.